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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Visitors Photos January 2007

Sponsored by - Bloom Brothers with prizes of a DVD, a T-shirt and sticker, & a cap from Boardogs

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An email I received from a pig hunter looking for some advise.

I emailed you a couple of weeks ago about a cunning old boar that we had been chasing. Attached is a photo of him, you were spot on how to catch him it took a couple of weeks but we succeeded thanks to your advice. The big old fella came unstuck with one dog late yesterday 7.8.06 he was camped up in a stack of logs in a little scrubby hill coming out digging the flats up, he was doing a lot of damage so thank you again for your advice talk to you soon happy hunting, Regards Jamie

First Strike Catahoula's doing their thing.



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