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 New to Boardogs - Monthly Visitors Photos January 2007

Sponsored by - Bloom Brothers with prizes of a DVD, a T-shirt and sticker, & a cap from Boardogs

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Mitch - a NSW Mountain hunter , he manages to catch up with a few good boars. To constantly catch good boars like these soon sorts out the top finders from the ordinary ones.

Chester - From  the Sunshine State of Queensland sent these in. I have had a look at the country these blokes hunt, good dogs are a necessity if you want to deliver good pigs regularly, and you need to be fit. Surely it can't be the XXXX? :o)

A few photos of a good boar, 91kgs caught January 2007

From the track below , obviously some young stuff from NSW have crossed the border for a holiday.

Another goody from Qld.



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