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Monthly Photo Competition June 2009

First Prize $150 cash, 2 Boardogs Stubby holders,  2nd prize - 2 Boardogs Stubby Holders

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Craig C - Country with a good boar caught Sunday morn in very cold conditions

Craig C - my little apprentice, had him up at 5:30am he was dressed and out the door and in the ute in 5 min

Danijel R

Jack F - Gained a New Property at Lunch Time, went for a Hunt in the afternoon and Reg pulled up this Boar after a 350 meter chase, through thick spear grass. He's in the good books now.

Phil O - a good sow caught in a steep gully and the second is a boar found 3 gullies away. Both were caught in the New England area by Phil O and Dick

Dylan T - got this hog a week ago it was one good hunt, and a hog I caught a while ago on my property fenceline.

Chester B - couple of good sows that I got out of the cane the other day.

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