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Monthly Photo Competition May 2011

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Craig - couple the dogs found in the blackie's on the weekend

Shaun H - from Dirran on weekend

Steve M - with a good boar

Cayden W

Dan E - Abbie E Qld with a boar caught with Hera‏

Sam V - No pigs here in Adelaide, me and my puppy Ruger who is a Hungarian vizsla doing a bit of spot lighting

Chester B - Top afternoon doin the family hunt on the weekend, hounds done a good job to find this sow in a large area of tall, thick grass.
Went for run last night for a bit of a look around the cane. Hounds found this cracker out in the middle of the cane paddock, but the ol boarus wasn’t sticking around to smell the roses, and headed out through the next block of cane, down through the creek, and up into the rainforest mountains. Thought I had been dusted, but the hounds really put in the hard yards and persisted, where they finally caught up with him. They really had their work cut out for them, by the time I tracked them and got to where they had him. 110kg dressed.

Dylan M - A good boar our dog caught the other night

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