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Monthly Photo Competition April 2011

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Jack F - Since moving to Bundaberg about 8 months ago we have been lucky enough to get permission to hunt on a few small property's without any luck. The only pigs I have caught since being here are when Trace Cronin has invited me for a couple of hunts (Cheers Trace). Two weeks ago we were lucky enough to get permission on a decent station. After meeting the property owner and his son, daughter in-law and two grand kids, he gave us the guided tour of property where we stumbled across 3 pigs early in the afternoon leaving the dam and we managed to score the biggest of the 3 which weighed 121.5kgs live weight and dressed out at 109kgs, which the property owners grandson Harry got to stick which was his first pig and our first pig since moving to the region. Smiles all round! And to top it off Trace invited me up to his place for a hunt and we caught a couple of healthy young boars with our sons.

Daryl - caught Saturday night

Kyle L - couple of good boars

Shaun H - few boars from Dirran just after the floods 2012

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