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Monthly Photo Competition April 2008

First Prize $150 cash and 2 Boardogs Stubby holders,  2nd prize - 2 Boardogs Stubby Holders

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Charles H - my 7 month old Bull Arab x Great Dane/Bullmastiff

CA - one of my boys on an outing to the Gregory NQ

Chester B - Got these ones Sat night, nothing flash, 12 all up, boxed 8, big fella went 84kg. Only had 2 dogs Beer and Mo, the other 2 pups were sightseeing only.

Something a little different from Callie S

Pig Poetry:

Hunting Hog's,
With some serious dog's
Running through thick scrub,
Going arse up over logs,

Up 'n' down steep hills,
Through water and mud,
Sharing the laughs and excitement
with your best old bud,

Listening for those barks,
Squeals, rustling and grunts,
Little finder at work,
The dog behind these hunts,

Finally you arrive,
Out of breath but not out of luck,
Cause the boar she's holden' up
is sure to give u a buck,

The luggers at each ear,
the old fella slowin' in pace,
his pride is not givin up yet,
not ready to loose this race,

This tough and mean lookin pig
is gonna fight till it's last,
Give you all the best campfire stories
bout those dogs, the memories, the past...

Brooke S - get hold

Matt G -  15 min from home 75k from Darwin

Allison & Bruce - my son Jesse and his first pig, he shot the white boar and the sow in the middle with ssg

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