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Monthly Photo Competition February 2013

First Prize $100 cash2nd prize - $50 cash

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Ray W - boar caught in some thick forage, my daughter was pretty happy with this boar, 84 in the same area, 96kg boar caught with my brothers dogs while he was here, some damage the pigs have been doing

James H - myself and my 5 brothers, a night hunt arriving home early morning, good white boar

Chris B - a recent boar picked up by my 12month old pup around Mount Isa

Ray W - a decent boar from Friday night, good silent bugger, was good start to the night

Luke R - T Ruttley good boar well over 100kg, got him coming off some chick pea but big Rocky pulled him up put up a good fight look at the foot on him

Chloe R

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