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Monthly Photo Competition January 2008

First Prize $150 cash a Boardogs Cap or Stubby holder,  2nd prize - Boardogs Cap & Stubby Holder

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Jack F - Caught this boar this morning on the edge of a billabong, thought I would get some footage with the video camera, big mistake boar walked 4 dogs into billabong, went in after them forgot about bum bag full of equipment, by the time I got bum bag and video camera back to a tree they were out to deep, tried a couple of times to go in after them but my phobia of crocs got the better of me, filmed for awhile hoping boar would come back to the bank but he didnít instead he took my 14 month old Bullarab Mick under seen him in trouble and fired myself up to go for it but only got half 3/4 of the way to him and he went under and never came back up. So I grabbed the boar by the back leg and dragged him out while in water over my chest shitting myself the whole time, he later dressed out to 100kgs and put my main dog into the vet. R.I.P. Mick I let you down mate.

Narelle N - a pig that we chased for approx 2.5km. The dogs chased him into a sorghum crop and finally managed to bail him up in a patch of trees. Our Kelpie bailed him and the other dogs in the photo held him there. It was a good chase, not one of our best but sure did make the Australia Day long weekend fun.

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