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Monthly Photo Competition January 2008

First Prize $150 cash a Boardogs Cap or Stubby holder,  2nd prize - Boardogs Cap & Stubby Holder

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Travis L - a few good hogs from the New England area of NSW

This is my darling Reo, We named her Reo as in Reinforcing, which my step father thought of as he is a builder We bought her not really knowing much about the breed and have grown to love her more and more everyday as she is the most caring and sweet dog we have ever owned, she grew rather quickly and shocked us all as she is incredibly fast for her size and can jump alarmingly high as she is not even 1 year old yet!. she lives on about 20 acres and lives with her 3 best friends ( Hedges - Golden Retriever, Cash - Golden Retriever and Sailor - the hideous humping Moodle) we look at your site regularly and have decided that reo should win your picture of the month as the best and most beautiful Bull Arab

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