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Short play pig hunting videos sent in by visitors to Boardogs. Wait until the large black box appears below each video notation (The file is then loaded) then just hold your curser over the black box below each video notation and it should play if you have a system that supports video.

Please be patient they may take some time to load depending on your connection speeds. Some browsers do not support video so some of you may not be able to view them. Go and grab a coffee while you wait.

Keith T (Darwin Hog)

Tony's Boar

Tony's Boar2

Tony's Boar3

Mick's Footage


Cape Video - Muss

Cape Video - Hongo

Boar Stickin.

Beau - Mountain Boar

Jo - Staghound

Birthday Boar

Tony's Boar 4

Rod's NT Boar

Topender's Boar


Topender 2

Blackberry Barra

April Boar

Oscar & Bear

Tony's Cape Boar

Phil Cape York 2005

Tony Again

Central Qld

Tony - Stubble (21/5/2006)

Tony Boar 1 (21/5/2006)

Tony Stubble 2 (21/5/2006)

No pigs - Just a few goats (21/6/2006)

Crazy again (31/10/2006)


Different format videos (click on the link and download the file)

JC's Cape trip 1

JC's Cape trip 2

The infamous - Bundy Bailer - One hard Dog (20/6/2006)

Brett - Banjo and Zac (20/6/2006)


If you have a short play video in .mpeg format please send it in.



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