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WANTED - Ute/Ground Holder Finder Bitch (18/08/2019)

Located West Wyalong NSW so the closer the better
Around $700-$1,200
Must be 100% stock and wildlife proof and good with kids and other dogs

Phone: 0408 753 438


WANTED - Started Dog (14/08/2019)

Preferably finding off the Ute but would also be happy with a good young dog finding on the ground and showing good signs on the back off a Ute.
Must be 100% stock and wildlife proof, good with kids and other dogs

Will pay good money for a good dog or bitch, not fussy in breed
Happy with a hard bailer or lugger

Located Tamworth, NSW - happy to travel or Organise transport

Phone: 0481 164 137


WANTED - Finding Dog or Bitch (23/07/2019)

Must be able to find off the Ute and quad
Lost my main dog and looking for one to train my pup
Doesn't matter if bailer or lugger just has to find and pull pigs up well
Willing to pay the right price for the right dog
Located in FNQ
Willing to pay for transport
Must be a hard dog, stock/roo proof
Must jump on and off Ute and be good in the yard and with children
Must be able to prove dog working

Call/text: 0438 043 688


WANTED - Finder/Holder or Bailer (12/07/2019)

Must have a good nose to replace my main dog that I have lost
Needs to be able to find off Ute and ground
Needs to be able to train a pup
Needs to be good with kids and dogs

Located Southeast Queensland
Got cash waiting for the right dog

Call or txt Dion: 0458 773 356


WANTED - Finder/Lugger (28/06/2019)

Ute, Quad and ground.
Male dog around 40kgs, must not be hairy, 2-5 years old, prefer not desexed
Must be main dog, I have a young pack of dogs
Unfortunately my 9 year old main dog has passed away due to a heart attack
I'm heading up north in September and in need of a main dog
Must prove dog is working
Will pay top dollar
Must be good natured, great will kids and does not fight with other dogs

Call Tumay: 0416 371 283


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