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Pig Hunting Safaris 2017 (July to Sept) (4/07/2017)

I offer guided Pig hunts for customers who have experienced dogs who don,t get enough work or where they are too busy with work. In addition for the customer who has young dogs and just can't get them started and wants pigs up their dogs then I can gladly assist here.

Are you due for an outback hunting holiday?
Do you want train some young dogs or a dog on numbers of pigs to develop so when you get home it will hunt better?

What is included:

Option 1 - 1
Person and maximum of 3 dogs at a time (your dogs must be socialised to work in with my lead dog)
Option 2 -
If you want to bring your friend or handbrake then you must supply your own vehicle and full setup and meet us in North Western Qld

Pickup and dropoff from Townsville Airport included for option 1
Swag for camping (bring your own pillow and sleeping bag)
Food for you and your dogs included (alcohol not)
Tracking collars for your dogs

What is not included:

Pig numbers are not guaranteed, I can't guarantee nature.
Breastplates for your dogs not included
Pig Hunting with dogs is extremely dangerous and you must be willing to sign a disclaimer to waiver any claim against me

Customers fly into Townsville and we pick you and your dogs up or drive up and meet us in North Qld.
Trip lengths are 10 days usually.
References can be provided on request so you know this is a good trip format.
2 hunts per day and pigs vary up to 150 kgs
We either run across lone boars or small mobs of 3-20.

Work your leave dates out at work and contact me with your preferred dates to place a booking.
Come and see the longest bore drains in the southern hemisphere as well with unlimited water flowing in our nice bush camp.

Ring Matt Klement no txts pls 0410 490 144 or email info@klement.com.au


Property Access

Click on the link below for more information, or:

Phone Charlie Pye: 02 6828 8463

Early morning or lunch is the best time.

To email Charlie: capye2@gmail.com

Gingie at Walgett and Oak Park Charleville


Hunting Access - ALLIRAZ STATION

10,000 acres of scrubby, treed land with clearings, surrounded by crop!

3 big waterholes
New graded tracks

Full quarters with shower and toilet
Limited number of groups per year

Not getting hunted out

Pigs, foxes, hares, rabbits, and goats

We will be opening to 2017 now to a limited number to add to our amazing, genuine regular visitors.

Located in Nyngan.
Guns and bows permitted.
Dogs permitted, ONLY if microchipped, and information must be provided.

SSAA, AHA or any other insurance body is required.

$1,000 for 3 nights and max 5 people $300 per night after 3

Does Alliraz station have facilities?

kitchen sink
table and chairs
BBQ facilities
wood stove
sleeps 6
gun safe for guns
solar power with inverter
graded tracks
air conditioning and heater
2 dog boxes

Bring sleeping bags, fuel and a lighter

Bookings currently available for January and 50% deposit is to be made upon booking to lock it in.

Ph: Withdrawn by Boardogs until some issues sorted.


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