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How to advertise on Boardogs.

The purchase of any item via Boardogs is the full responsibility of the purchaser.

Boardogs does not accept any responsibility for items purchased through this site.

How to place an ad on this site?

Payment via internet transfer or at Bank only.

A limit of 15 photos per ad, including any updates. (additional photos will cost $1 per photo) You can either email them (only attach 2 photos per email) along with the details you want in your ad, or mail to the address above. (please include an area code with your phone number)

Please include payment details in your email, Reference used, Bank and branch where paid. If paying via internet, copy and paste your deposit details into an email and send.

Please don't send your photos or ad in a word document.

For breeders or larger ads it is a good idea to burn a CD and mail that with your information.

Email: iancolley211@hotmail.com

  • Ads will stay active for 1 month; the price includes 1 update per month. (A limit of  8 or 15 (depends what you paid for) photos per ad including update - eg if you pay $35 for 15 photos and send 10 with your original add you can update/add 5 photos)

  • Ads for a 12 month period are $250 per year (links to Facebook and Websites extra cost)

  • Ads requiring me to scan your photos please refer mail details below

  • All ads are posted once deposits are cleared

  • Ads are removed after one month

  • No Pitbull or Amstaff ads please


Ads via email will cost you the following for each ad. For ads sent via post please refer below.

Quickest and easiest way to pay is via internet transfer (otherwise you will need to deposit at a bank)

  • Ads With 1 to 8 photos $30 (Please note: you only get a maximum of 8 photos including updates)

  • Ads With 9 to 15 photos $35 (Please note: you only get a maximum of 15 photos including updates)

  • If you require more than 15 photos please include an extra $1 per photo.

  • Working Dog ads - Per dog: $30 (Maximum 3 photos per dog, per ad. Must have photos)

  • Wanted Ads $30

  • Links to other sites $50 per month plus the price of the ad.

  • Lost and found ads are free.

Refunds (Prior to ad being lodged only)

$10 administration cost to cover time and bank charges if a refund is requested.

Payment Details

Please include payment details in your email, Reference used, Bank and branch where paid. If paying via internet, copy and paste your deposit details into an email and send.

Direct deposit to Judy Colley
BSB: 032586
Account: 280332
Bank: Westpac, Port Macquarie.


Email: iancolley211@hotmail.com   Email is the only method of contact. NOTE: if you have sent an email for an ad and your ad is not posted, please use another email address or get a friend to email and I will respond when I have service.


  •  For each additional month you will need to pay $30 or $35 depending on number of photos.

Updates, Removal and Reposting ads:

  • Updates are only for the current items/dogs/pups listed. You can't add extra dogs, litters etc.

  • Please make sure you quote ad title and date posted so I can identify your ad correctly.

  • One free update per month, $10 for each additional update (marking pups etc as sold does not count as an update)

  • If the ad is removed within the month and requires reposting, you will need to resubmit the ad and pay for the month.

Breeders, Merchandisers etc

Please contact me via email regarding quotes for links, and/or creation of web pages. I can post updated news, specials etc as required
If you are breeding hunting dogs or just have a litter of any type, by advertising on this site you are targeting the 'hunting dog market'. A lot of pups are going to pet homes also, even if they are not hunted you may still be able to sell your pups and dogs here.

Previous advertisers have had fantastic results, so why not try it for yourself.

Click HERE to view testimonials from previous advertisers.

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